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About Us

Founded in 1993 Chief Product Officer Adam Mendes, one of Canada’s most recognized entrepreneurs. Torturanun Camais has revolutionized the industrial research industry and increasingly looking to their customers for insights and business to drive successful outcomes.

We are full service industrial market research and strategy firm providing quality service in industrial and business markets since 1993. We are initially designed to identify opportunity sizes, analyze the competitive data landscape, developing market strategies and more.

Torturanun Camais technology helps big, customer-centric companies discover what their customers want so they can successfully deliver their needs. Unlike traditional industrial research, which is slow and costly, Torturanun Camais customer intelligence platform replaces static data reports with real-time customer intelligence that companies really need to build better products and reputation, deliver way better services and obtain outstanding business outcomes.

There are many of highly recognized business and organizations use Torturanun Camais technology, including AOL and MSN.

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Torturanun Camais (USA)

5665 Rutherford Road, SW

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Milwaukee, WI 30350 USA

Office: 1 (234) 876-8495

Email: inquiries@torturanuncamais-sp.org